The president of A1 Padel updates on the news of the padel and its circuit one month before a tournament history in New York.

Passionate about our sport, the Monegasque delivers a very interesting interview to our colleagues from Marca on the current and future challenges of padel.

“At A1 Padel, I think we are making history because we have made a circuit with the players and for the players”.

A1 arrives in New York

“There will be a before and an after. When New York takes something and improves it, it's endless. In terms of marketing, television reach… It's the kickoff of something we've been planning for a long time. He's a monster, a sports giant".

A financial effort

“Financially, it's a huge effort, just the tournament in New York represents a huge cost. The key is synergies. We are in the process of making agreements with very important brands in the country to help us in the different states. I think in two years there will be about 10 to 000 tracks across the country according to our studies, whereas currently there are about 15.

When the United States starts the machines, they double our speed, and in Europe the padel has grown exponentially”.

A1Padel New York Yankees

A1 Padel is it economically profitable?

“Not at all, but it will come. First you have to lay the foundations. We create medium and long-term contracts to build a link. We want players to have places where they can also work when they retire and that's why we also support academies in many corners of the world. "

“For this sport to develop properly, it is essential to create a good ecosystem around it and not to focus only on the professional circuit”.

A1 Padel was it ignored in WPT merge/ Premier Padel ?

“Not only was he ignored, but everything was done to suffocate him. Then people who know us and see the work we do change their minds, of course.

Spain's largest bank, Santander, gave its name to the Sevilla Master. It means many things and everyone can interpret it as they wish”.


A1 Padel : a threat to other circuits?

“We are a threat and we will not stop growing. Players signed for many years (With Premier Padel), which seems absurd to me, and when we offer prize money above this circuit, what will happen? What are the players going to do?

I say to A1 players Padel to sign annual contracts with their brands because there will be a change of generation, other more powerful brands will arrive”.

MONTE CARLO international spots a1padel

Cooperation with other circuits?

“We don't need money, we just need something necessary as a responsible part of the sport: to provide players with a unified ranking and an intelligent calendar”.

Fabrice Pastor thinks that the International Federation should act as a mediator.

“The other day I was taught a few words by Arturo Coello, whose brother plays at A1 Padel, who said he wishes the circuits were unified and could all play together. I think we have to listen to the protagonists and be responsible”.

Go beyond tennis

"A1 Padel can end the next few years with around 36 events, and I think in six years we will be bigger than tennis”.

“The A1 model Padel approaches a Wimbledon or a US Open. The idea is to get a big academy where there is a stadium, like All England at Wimbledon. Our idea is to acquire the same model as tennis, but without as many tournaments as at ATP”.

Amance Redondy

Became a fan of padel, I intend to keep you up to date with all the news padel ! See you soon on the slopes!