Fernando Belasteguin et I fight Capra, it is the story of three catastrophic tournaments at the start of the season and a separation from March. This pair, although promising on paper, failed to develop its best padel.

In a recent interview with our colleagues at Twenty Ten, Fernando Belasteguin returned to this ephemeral association alongside Lucho Capra. King Bela confides, with great humility, about the problems encountered by the pair... which he takes most of the responsibility "With Capra, I didn't play well at all, not even in training. And I have to blame myself for that: I was coming back from a period without competition and my playing sensations were bad."

Bela Capra end of pair 2024

Every person who watched a Bela/Capra match could have said that the mayonnaise did not take between the two men. Lots of errors, a bit of a messy copy... the result didn't sell as much of the dream as expected. “Capra found himself with a player who not only didn't win points, but also made an awful lot of unforced errors. His expectations of me and the reality were very different“, conceives Belasteguin.

However, it was necessary a few tournaments for players to make the decision to separate. Bela concludes on this subject by saying: “I don't know if (the separation) was a foregone conclusion, but when we started playing, we both saw it... Maybe out of respect or out of experience, he didn't dare say anything to me. things that seemed clear: I wasn't playing well."

Fernando Belasteguin, who will retire at the end of the season, therefore admits to a lack of sensations at the start of the season. We will see, during the Lotto Brussels P2, if King Bela will manage to find some rhythm, alongside his new partner, Juan Tello. Especially since Bela will start the tournament on the right…

Gwenaelle Souyri

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