Beaten 6/3 6/4 by Javi Garcia and Javi Barahona for their entry into the running at GNP Mexico P1, Lucho Capra and Fernando Belasteguin played their last match together. In fact, the two men are not going to go to Venezuela in a week.

This is an association that will have disappointed. After only three tournaments played together, Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra parted ways.

Out of four matches played, the Argentine pair won only one, a victory against the Melendez brothers at the Qatar Major... Results obviously far below the number 6 seed status with which the two players started the year.

Beyond the results, the men of Team Wilson seemed very apathetic on the track. Was there tension from the start? Difficult to know but the left-handed Capra seemed far from his level at the start of the year, and Bela appeared somewhat off. Let's hope for the “Boss” that he will regain all his anger to the right of Juan Tello. To see this new pair in action you will have to wait for P2 in Brussels!

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