Associated at the end of last season, Fiona Ligi and Tiffany Phaysouphanh decided to team up in 2024. Fiona explains this rapprochement to us and gives us the pair's objectives.

A common dynamic

“We did a P1000 together in Palavas last year and we got along very well. We got a lot of positive feedback from people outside who saw that the agreement was good, so that motivated us to join forces.

We were a bit at the end of our association with our respective partners, so we decided to launch into this project. We both work, so we're in a bit of the same dynamic, and I think that was an important factor in this decision. It's ultimately easier to find training time when both players are working than when one is working and the other is only doing work. padel.

We had a few meetings with my trainer Alain Henry and his trainer Yannick Maurel to see what was possible to do, so that I sometimes went to Palavas and she came from time to time to Perpignan. We also intend, when we can, to do internships in Barcelona. We are both very motivated, and I think this is the birth of a great pair.”


Games that complement each other well

“As I said, we are the same age and the same dynamics, but on top of that, we are very complementary in terms of play. Tiffany is a very offensive player, who always looks to take the net, to advance, and I have a much more defensive profile, which takes the time to build points.

We are a bit opposites, and I think we will complement each other well: she will bring me a little risk-taking, aggressiveness and me a little calm, procrastination. There are strategies that we are putting in place, we have a lot of work, and I think it’s very interesting.”

In France, but not only!

“We had a great end to 2023 and we plan to tear it all up in 2024! It will start with the P2000 from Nantes-Carquefou this week-end. We are seeded 2 and the objective will obviously be to get the title!

At the end of last year, we did a FIP in Tenerife which went very well and which motivated us to do more. Basically, we are going to play all the P2000s, some P1500s depending on the place and the dates on which they are played, and we are going to try to do many more FIP Tour tournaments than in 2023. We are waiting to see the calendar, and From there we will prepare a schedule to see how we will organize ourselves.

Finally, we both have the goal of the France team in mind.”

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