Next week will be the third FIP Gold of 2021. After Jaén and Stockholm, now place in Milan, where very good pairs of the WPT will meet.

It's the end of the season on the World Padel Tour, and the 80 points which will be offered to the winners of this FIP Gold in Milan are of interest to many players. This tournament in which, let us remember, the top 16 in the FIP / WPT ranking cannot participate, should offer us some great battles.

Registrations have just ended and very beautiful pairs have confirmed their presence!

4 Frenchwomen in Italy!

For girls, the number 1 seed and favorite pair will be the one made up of Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello! Those who have won two Challenger this year will still have to be wary of a few pairs, Las Heras / Virseda, Caro / Cortiles and Cañellas / Godallier in the lead!

Léa and Alix will not be the only French women present in Italy since Wendy Barsotti and Elodie Invernon have decided, as in La Nucia, to come and test themselves in an international tournament. A very good thing for the padel French!

One of the pairs to follow in the women's table will be that formed by Giulia Sussarello, 63rd player in the WPT standings, and Roberta Vinci, former 7th world tennis player!

Diaz / Moya: 25 years apart!

For men, the team to follow will be this association between Juan Martin Diaz and Jesus Moya. A few days ago, The 21-year-old Spaniard told us JMD was his favorite player as a youngster… And now he's going to have a tournament with him!

The two men will be favorites but several pairs will try to steal the show. Among them we think of Arroyo / Ramirez, Diestro / Fernandez Cano, Cepero / Mendez, Martinez / Zaratiegui… What give us very, very nice encounters!

On the French side, we find Benjamin Tison and Teodoro Zapata, but also the Valsot brothers!

To find the list of registrants, it's HERE. We will of course keep you informed when the tables are out!

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