As we approach the end of this first day of the main draw in FIP Gold Perpignan, again 7 French must make their debut on the central track.

After the defeat of Lilian Fouré and Julien Seurin this morning, Dylan Guichard and Ludovic Cancel became the first pair to qualify for the round of XNUMX of this FIP Gold.

And it's certainly not over, since several of their compatriots will be making their debuts in this main draw. First we will have Quentin Ayuso and Max Forcin, facing Saura / Tas, then Max Moreau and Jérôme Inzerillo, who are opposed to De Castro / Garcia.

Finally, tonight, in prime time (from 21:30 p.m.), we will be squarely entitled to a 75% tricolor poster as part of the 16th finals. Yes 75%, because 3 of the 4 players in the match will be of French nationality. First of all, we will find the pair made up of Jérémy Scatena from Nice and his Spanish “compi” Adria Mercadal, winners of the FIP STAR Doha and finalists of the FIP STAR Trani. Facing them, it is Loic Le Panse and Nicolas Trancart who will present themselves.

The two tricolors, whom we have seen together many times on the French circuit, know each other like the two fingers of the hand. Benefiting from a wild-card, underdogs Le Panse and Trancart will play without the slightest stress and will certainly benefit from the support of the public. Favorite on paper, the Franco-Spanish pair will therefore have to be wary of this duo who will have absolutely nothing to lose!

The meetings can be followed right here:

Nasser Hoverini

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