Francisco Gil and Ramiro Moyano once again withdraw from a FIP Tour tournament in Mexico. After Puebla, the Spanish-Argentinian pair withdraws from the FIP Platinum in Mexico.

It's obviously a shame for the tournament, but Xisco and Ramiro, who have just lost in three sets to Gutiérrez / Gutiérrez at the WPT Malmö Open, are not going to play this tournament which takes place at Club Libanés.

In the absence of the favorites, the first seed in the competition therefore becomes the pair formed by Denis Perino and Jorge Ruiz.

Note that Teo Zapata and Francisco Guerrero, who form the number 8 pair of the tournament, and who face Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk today in Malmö, are supposed to play tomorrow in Mexico against Max Moreau and Jacobo Cendon. We imagine that the Spaniards will also have a second withdrawal from the FIP Tour, after Puebla…

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