It was the attraction of the evening in Sardinia: the debut of the Chingotto / Yanguas pair. And in this duo composed of two players who usually play on the right, it is the Argentinian who played on the left yesterday in Cagliari.

Although he gives more than twenty centimeters to his teammate, “Super Raton”, who had already proven that he was comfortable on the left during the WPT Master Final 2022, therefore chose to take charge of the reverse as our Spanish friends say. And we can say that it worked rather well, with a 6/2 6/4 victory against Barahona / Garcia. Today, it is against Ivan Ramirez and Pablo Garcia, winners of Rubio / Arroyo (TS6), that the 1st seed will try to qualify for the semi-finals.

The other favorite pairs suffered for their entering the race in Italy yesterday, Momo and Garrido (TS2) fighting to get out of the Cardona / Fernandez trap, and Capra and Sanchez (TS3) also dropping a set on the way against Sanchez / Valdés.

We will still be treated to some great games this Friday from 09:45 a.m., with of course the third match of the day the meeting between the French Collombon and Godallier (TS4) and the 6th seed, Lobo / Rodriguez.

Find the day's program below:

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