Julien Seurin and Manu Vives are enjoying themselves in Australia. The French, who began their tournament against the locals Brycki and Sanlan, did not go into detail.

Indeed, winners of the FIP Rise in Sydney won 6/2 6/2 and secured another easy victory. Those who have still not lost a single set in Australia will face another local pair this Thursday: Hall / Gaylard.

Note that Manu and Julien are the last French still competing in the competition. Barbe and Courbard lost in the first round of the main draw against seed 6 Bechard / Taylor (6/4 6/4), as did Castello and Chauve against seed 3 Melisi / Brown (6/2 6 /2).

The pairs Le Goff / Maria and Oyarzun-Guillaumot / Oyarzun-Guillaumot lost from the previas.

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