Patrick Rafter won his first international match padel. The former Australian tennis player, beaten in the first round of the FIP Rise in Sydney with Justin Morland, won for his entry into the competition in Melbourne with Patrick Thomas. And with style!

Indeed, against the Japanese Tomita and Igarashi, who form the 5th seed of the tournament, the Australians have defied the predictions! Tomita, who came out of a semi-final in Sydney with another of his compatriots, Murasawa, will not have experienced the same fortune in Melbourne. The Japanese were completely swept away by “the Patricks” who imposed themselves with authority: 6/3 6/1.

A success which allows them to qualify for the next round, where a 100% Australian match awaits them against Blazo Durovic and Tommy Hamilton.

What if Andrea Melisi was right?

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