Fans were hoping to find the two buddies Juani Mieres and Miguel Lamperti in the final of the FIP Rise de Cordoba, for a kind of jubilee, but Jairo Bautista and Jose Luis Gonzalez decided otherwise.

If Miguel Lamperti and Xisco Gil were impeccable in their semi-final against Pozo / Jerez (6/0 6/2), Juani Mieres and Ivan Ramirez did not manage to dismiss Bautista and Gonzalez from their path. The seeded 3 wins 6/3 7/6 and joins the tournament favorites in the final.

This defeat with his protege Ramirez marks the end of the career of Juani Mieres, who had announced his retirement at the end of the tournament. The native of Bahia Blanca will be able to take a well-deserved rest, he who leaves with a well-stocked prize list and unforgettable moments in his head. We will obviously remember the epic clashes with Pablo Lima against Bela and Juan Martin Diaz.

as a symbol, Lima et Diaz will also soon hang up the pala, leaving Fernando Belasteguin, absolute legend of this sport, to continue for another year...

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