Of the 3 French pairs still competing this Saturday in Kaunas, two have unfortunately already fallen.

Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian DeMeyer got hooked this morning 3/6 – 7/5 – 5/7 facing Max Sjovall and Juan Pablo Andrada. The Argentinian and the Finn put an end to the hopes of the two Frenchmen who had nevertheless started their entry into the competition well. The Bordelais managed to win their match the day before 6/3 – 6/0 against Agustin Reca and Pablo Tejero Delgado. It's a hard blow for both friends which will be very damaging to morale. Will this incident have an impact on the rest of their French and international adventures?

At the same time, another French pair was fighting to win their place in the quarter-finals. Indeed Philémon Raichman and Maxime Joris saw himself facing Flavio Abbate and Giulio Graziotti. The 100% Italian pair (seeded 8) was effective to say the least and eliminated our two young players 6/2 – 6/2.

The last French pair to enter the 20×10 is Adrien Maigret and Julien Seurin (seeded 3). The two players who will face Pablo Sanchez Vicente and Pau Miñano Ortinez will give everything to get a ticket to the quarter-finals.

This meeting can be followed live on Youtube

Sebastien Carrasco

Future naturopath and passionate about padel, Seb is the health/food gentleman of Padel Magazine. He juggles between pala, quinoa and essential oils. For almost two years now he has been dealing with the news of the little yellow ball with the same passion.