As expected, Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger won the FIP Rise in Rotterdam. The Argentinians dominated Dominguez/Perino in the final.

Respectively number 30 and number 42 in the ranking of World Padel Tour, Leo Augsburger and Tino Libaak are only 187th and 203rd in the FIP ranking. In fact, the two young men hardly participated in the circuit Premier Padel and therefore find themselves with a ranking that does not really reflect their level.

The Argentinians must therefore participate in as many FIP Tour tournaments as possible to try to climb the ranking. And this weekend, in Rotterdam, Leo and Tino were able to glean 25 points thanks to their victory in the final against their compatriots Dominguez and Perino (TS1) with a score of 7/5 6/4. After Ceuta, where he won with Pablo Castillo, Augsburger continues with a second FIP Rise in a row!

Among the girls, it was the Belgians Mestach and Wyckaert (TS2), who were stronger than the locals Koek and Wetering (TS1). Final score 7/6 3/6 6/1 for those who had dominated the Franco-Dutch pair Betz/Touly in the quarter-final.

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