While all eyes are currently on Acapulco, where the Premier Padel GNP Mexico P1, many tricolors are preparing for a FIP Tour competition: the FIP Rise in Dubai.

In fact, no fewer than 15 French men and 4 French women will be traveling to the United Arab Emirates!

In the main draw, we notice that there are two 100% French pairs in the eight seeds: Inzerillo / Vives (Ts2) and Raichman / Seurin (Ts6). We also note that Bordeaux's Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian De Meyer are separated in this competition. The first is associated with his compatriot Maxime Joris, while the second teams up with the Belgian Huysveld. The Cancel / Grué pair will also start in the table.

The other French players will have to start with the previas. We will find the duo Vincent / Hugounenq, accustomed to these qualifying phases as well as the pair Lacoste / Holmkvist Cabo (ESP) and Sichez / Martelli.


Among the girls, there will also be two seeds with French women among the ladies: the Franco-Portuguese duo Barsotti / Castro (Ts2) and the Franco-Italian pair Sireix / Ligoti (ITA). We will also find a 100% French team: Merah / Vandaele.

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