entertainment, padel and charitable activities punctuated the Tennis Club de Èze for two days, with the first edition of the Five Padel Cup. Five tournaments were on the program, an opportunity to send an important message of inclusion and solidarity.

A big party in Èze

First edition for the FIVE PADEL CUP, organized by the Italian company BSG SRL. For two days a big party hosted the Borfiga complex in Èze. The objective of the event is multiple: stimulate physical activity, raise funds for associations, but above all promote social inclusion and equal opportunities. To Antonella Lanfranco, head of international relations at BSG SRL, this initiative is obvious: “Thee padel is a vector of inclusion, it is a true symbol of universality. The objective was also to bring together players "from different backgrounds around a common interest", valued Roberta Ceccarelli, CEO of the Rome-based company.

Results of the various tournaments

  • Youth Tournament: Niccolò Coppola / Monteiro de Abreu Tiago
  • women's tournament : Federica Gottardi / Carlotta Gambaro
  • Tournament for player padel armchair + VIP : Gael Givet / Dorian Navarro
  • Tournament of managers / business personalities : Scagnoli Sandro / Salvatore Ferri
  • Tournament dedicated to sports VIPs: Alessandro Lupi/Jimmy Ghione

All around a common goal

For two days Eze became an Italian province. Celebrities, professional players, but also the major players in transalpine disabled sports were present. Gianluca Palazzi is the precursor of padel chair in Italy. FIVE PADEL CUP has a special meaning for him "In 2018, I sent an email to the Italian Tennis Federation to highlight our discipline. The Circolo Canottieri Aniene believed in our project and the movement was born. Our objective was to show the integrating potential of padel. The federation took us under its wing but without the Circolo Canottieri Aniene nothing would have been possible, he is moved, For us, this kind of event is a big celebration and it shows that our efforts are bearing fruit. We are a family", concludes the transalpine player.

A day rich in emotion for most players. " The Italian fervor goes beyond the sporting aspect, it is another universe in terms of mentality, highlighted Dorian NavarroWe are witnessing a real party, we are in a magnificent setting and the atmosphere is great “, rejoices the number two French of padel armchair. Alongside the former professional football player Gael Givet, Dorian won the tournament for player padel armchair + VIP. According to him, this type of event is essential, “ The discipline is attracting more and more people. These immersions show that the padel armchair is accessible”.

Animations, exhibition matches between able-bodied and disabled… the FIVE PADEL CUP allowed the public to discover this sport. Also note the presence of Barbaguians of Monaco, represented by Gaël Givet, Sébastien Squillaci, Manuel Vallaurio and Jordan Kein.

© Frederic Nebinger

As planned, funds were donated to FIGHT AIDS MONACO, the association for the fight against HIV, led by HSH Princess Stéphanie. “We are very grateful to the organizers for the warm welcome given to FIGHT AIDS MONACO, as well as their financial support. The fight led by HSH Princess Stéphanie, under the aegis of the association, has found a new foothold in the sports world. We are pleased. Special thanks go to CEO Roberta Ceccarelli and the whole company BSG SRL, on the initiative of this magnificent event." says Hervé Aeschbach, coordinator of FIGHT AIDS MONACO.

Other projects in the future?

Headliner of the organization, Antonella Lanfranco is delighted with the quality of this first edition. " We are very satisfied with this FIVE PADEL UPC. Conviviality was at the rendezvous, in an exceptional sporting setting. All the elements were there to make a major event and, all together, organizers, players, partners, sponsors… we took up the challenge. The feedback from the participants is unanimous, they are ready to come back! The mission is accomplished »

© Frederic Nebinger

The organizers have finally announced that an international exhibition of padel, named PADEL BEST EXPO will be on the program next year, still in Monaco…

The interview with Michel Borfiga at the FIVE PADEL CUP, that's right here :

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