It's official since the two players have registered together in Premier Padel Qatar Major : Gemma Triay will now share the track with Claudia Fernandez and form a 100% duo Bullpadel !

For the young Spanish player, who forms pair number 12 in Riyadh with Lorena Rufo, it is a real change of status. Indeed, the player ranked number 24 in the FIP ranking will be seeded 3 in Qatar with Gemma!

A change of status which also implies additional pressure for this player who will celebrate her 18th birthday at the end of the month! In addition to being one of the best players in the world, Triay is also known for asking a lot of her partners. After ending her adventures with Alejandra Salazar and Martita Ortega, will the Minorcan finally find happiness with Fernandez?

In any case, this rather improbable pair (who would have thought a few weeks ago that Gemma would team up with the 24th player in the world?) already intrigues us. Very comfortable during the Hexagon Cup, young Claudia seems to have all the talent to compete with the best in the near future. Will she succeed? Start of response at the end of the month!

Now we are waiting to see who Martita Ortega will play with in the first Major of the season. In view of the numerous pairs already registered, we say that it is with Lorena Rufo, soon to be ex-partner of Fernandez, that the Madrilenian should

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