After Galan and Lebron in 2022, the new kings of Paris are Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia. Despite a good start to the match, Paquito Navarro and Fede Chingotto were unable to do anything and lost 7/6 6/1 in this Greenweez Paris Major.

The ogres of the circuit thus win their 14e title of the season. Their only defeat in the final of a tournament was conceded at the start of the year in Qatar, against Stupa and Di Nenno. For Navarro and Chingo, it’s number 3e defeat at this stage against these same opponents, after those in Rome and Madrid.

After the triumph ofAri Sanchez and Paula Josemaria In the women's final, the 8500 spectators at the Philippe-Chatrier court had a great time. Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello, even if they were only seeded 3 here, are the undisputed No. 1 this season, during which they won everything.

The ladies and gentlemen winners of this 2023 edition

Where did the “Chingoland” route go?

Paquito Navarro / Federico Chingotto, despite a perfect tournament, were only threatening during one set. The Sevilla player was unable to put on the show he likes, handicapped by Federico Chingotto who suffered a lot today. While Paquito has been flamboyant so far in Paris, the strategy of cracking Fede and depriving Navarro of balls has paid off. We could hear the coach of Tapia and Coello, Gustavo Pratto, encouraging his players like this: “Chingotto doesn’t know what to do anymore”.

The film of the match

■ 18h15.- With 15 winning points more than unprovoked fouls (44 vs 29), Navarro and Chingotto keep a positive record in this match. But opposite, Tapia and Coello do twice as well, with +31 (46 vs 15)! Above all, the winners will have scored 62% of the points disputed in this match lasting 1h22.

■ 18h04.- Trailing 5/1 and 15-40 on their serve, Paquito and Fede save these two match points. But the 3rd escapes them, on a vibora from Navarro who goes straight into the back window.

■ 17h55.- Leading 40-15 on Paquito's serve, their pair is brought back up despite two spectacular smashes blocked by Chingotto, but the third smash is too much and the double break is achieved by Tapia / Coello, who will be very very hard to stop this Sunday.

■ 17h48.- While he and Paquito lead 40-30 on their serve, Chingotto misses a smash, puts a volley in the net and offers a caviar to Coello: three consecutive points which offer the break to the players of Gustavo Pratto (2/1) , who did not expect as much. Clearly, the Argentinian is under pressure in this match, not allowing Paquito Navarro to express his full potential. Will he find his way back to “Chingoland”?

A catastrophic tie-break

■ 17h38.- We witnessed the point of the tournament on Chingotto's serve: he and Paquito defended like hell on several occasions, before the Sevillian missed a forehand that seemed easy. They then successfully defended three break points and had the luxury of taking the lead (1/0).

■ 17h32.- After an exciting start to the match, where they jostled Tapia and Coello, the Chingotto / Navarro mayonnaise fell away in the space of nine consecutive points lost and a catastrophic tie-break. The smaller of the two Argentines on the track then made mistake after mistake, seeming more and more lost in the 20x10.

■ 17h30.- Chingotto completes this berezina with a forehand which ends up in the net. Tapia, too relaxed, then puts on a bajada backhand into the net, but it's only a reprieve: Chingotto spins completely on a vibora and offers on a board the first set 7/6 (7-2) to the kings of the circuit.

■ 17h24.- We are entitled to a tie-break. But Chingotto immediately concedes his two service points: this double mini-break hurts, because opposite, they don't give up. A big mistake from Paquito on a lob allows the favorites to change sides, leading 5-1.

■ 17h21.- Tapia and Coello smash less systematically, varying the rhythms with patience and waiting for a shorter lob to punish their opponents. Winning strategy which allows Coello / Tapia to take the lead (6/5).

Effective coaching

■ 17h18.- And on Tapia's serve, Fede and Paquito obtain a break point, a magnificent point where Chingotto makes two magnificent defenses but must admit defeat.

■ 17h15.- The coaching is effective: Chingotto in turn wins a shutout on his serve.

■ 17h13.- At the change of side, the coach of Paquito and Fede, Gaby Reca puts the bolts in place, recommends better quality lobs and less leaving attackers the youngest players on the track.

■ 17h12.- Paquito Navarro misses on his service game, he and Chingotto offering two points to Tapia and Coello, who drive the point home with two winning smashes from Coello and win the shutout. And the next is also won white with a lot of heavy artillery: the seeded 3 went from 2/4 to 5/4 in his favor, in a flash.

■ 17h07.- Tapia is still heckled about his commitment, which he nevertheless manages to keep. In the game of “who scares the other the most”, Fede and Paquito did not let themselves be impressed and mistreated the ogres of the year 2023, winners of 13 titles this year.

■ 17h03.- Led 0-30 on Fede's service, the Chingotto / Navarro pair authoritatively won the next four points and came away 4/2. On the applause meter, each point of the 4 seed generates many more decibels than those of Tapia and Coello.

■ 16h59.- The first break is to the credit of Chingotto and Navarro, Coello losing his serve on a big mistake on his part, a smash into the net. The match is fully underway and the outsiders are in no way being counted out. The two defeats this year in the final of the Rome and Madrid tournaments against Tapia / Coello seem to be a distant memory.

■ 16h56.- The two pairs then hold their faceoffs without experiencing any danger (2/2).

■ 16h50.- The match started with a bang, with a lot of aggression from Coello and Tapia, who won their first service game in the space of a minute. Fede Chingotto had a break point to defend, which Paquito did brilliantly.

■ 16h35.- The four protagonists of this battle of titans have just entered the arena, the roof of which is still closed.

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