This Sunday, the first P500 organized this season in the south of Alsace will take place. And for once, it is not the Mulhouseans Diego Garcia and Teri Groll who will win. The latter are in fact this weekend in Toulouse, where they sold their skin dearly against Loïc Le Panse and Nicolas Trancard at the French Championships.

The cat having left, the mice can dance in Haut-Rhinoise, with a P500 whose general level has generally increased, bringing together a fine field of players from the French top 500. The head seed 1 is made up of Strasbourg Christophe Henry, 74th French player (formerly 23rd) and quarter-finalist of the French championships in 2021 ; he will be associated with the ex-Mulhousian Julien Toniutti, who has already reached 39th French rank and is now licensed at Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Holderbach / Olivier as challengers

Their main challengers will be Strasbourg residents Tiphaine Holderbach (162nd) and Guillaume Olivier (209th). To reach the final, they will first have to overcome the Gaëtan Schloesslin (379th) / Kilian Lecocq (354th) obstacle, always dangerous on their home soil. In the semi-final, they would find either the experienced Charles Georg (349th) and Guillaume Caspar (214th), or the young and fiery Maxime Arago (458th) and Corentin Biron (2000th).

At the bottom of the table, Henry / Toniutti has a meeting in the half with the pair Etienne Mootz (284th) / Hugo Virag (300th), if the latter is not surprised in the quarter by other locals, the ambitious Johan Stark ( 422nd) and Martin Schmuda (572nd).

Great fights

Saturday, for the first day of this tournament, the public of 4Padel of Saint Louis was able to witness some great fights, notably a round of 1 where the Ortschitt / Gruber pair narrowly lost in the super tie-break against the young Burgundians Daniel Meyer / Antoine Jacquelin. This Sunday morning, the latter will have a lot to do since they will challenge the number XNUMX seed in the quarter-final.

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