If you have not yet touched the pala made for the Parisian club Padel Horizon, well know that Stéphane Penso did. And that is quite disturbing.

Le padel has the particularity of bringing together a maximum of people, universes, ages and genders, on and off the pitch.

Yves Bockelee's gift

Last summer in Cassis, Stéphane Penso had the opportunity to walk the carpet several times with a captivating player, by his level of play, by his state of mind, and by his post-match summaries , always relevant and welcome. It turned out that this person was Yves Bockelee, one of the 3 musketeers of the famous club Padel Horizon (the main builder being Jean-Baptiste Piette assisted by Pierre-Nima Sanaei) gathered around the MARAGA entity (creator and operator of innovative sports centers).

Back in the south to spend the winter holidays, and at the turn of a frenzied game, Yves brought back in his suitcases a racket stamped with the logo of the famous club he runs. Very honored by this gesture, because this pala from the capital was also a gift, Stéphane played several games with it, and you might as well say that he was completely stunned by the multiple qualities of this racket, to the point of absolutely wanting to write a few lines on its history and characteristics!

Pleasant handling, surprising balance, low average weight (355gr), all this indicates that we are dealing with a pala focused on handling, and, the grip at the perfect thickness (concerning me), completes this first lap of “horizon”.

The dressing is most pleasant with sober tones bearing the image of the emblematic indoor club in eastern Paris.
The powerful and symbolic marriage between red and black, touched by a gradient of gray is no longer to be demonstrated, the warm association of these colors on a matte background brings an undeniable contemporary touch.


Also very convincing on a technical level

100% carbon frame dressed in several layers of fiberglass sheets for more comfort and ball output, rough coating and teardrop format complete the specifics.

We saw in previous articles, that in winter the playing conditions upset the behavior of the pala (and by extension that of the player), affecting performance and efficiency when temperatures were severely low. Under these conditions, for players who want to keep a good dose of comfort, full carbon (frame + faces) should be avoided in favor of fiberglass, less rigid and more tolerant.

The playing conditions were therefore “ideal” for this type of racket.

The 5 degrees on the clock have been digested thanks to this fabulous fiberglass, real joint relief neutralizing the many off-center hits by absorbing and reinjecting the ball with obvious satisfaction. The more I played, the more I was surprised at the astonishing sweet-spot and the general comfort offered by this pala. I was looking for the little beast, the grain of sand that it would lack, but that prevented me from taking full advantage of the many rays that this racquet gave me.

After the game, I wanted to know more about this machine which had impressed me so much.

Yves then directed me to a person without whom nothing would have been possible, Fabien Veber (director of the Padel Horizon). Inspirer and promoter of this project, it is never easy to get into a field that is totally unknown to us. He therefore surrounded himself (by way of advice) with the essential gurus of padel French, Julien Pes and Manu Garcia, who guided him as best as possible on the best company to carry out this project!

Some figures and characteristics concerning the pala PH001

Manufacturing time: 2 months
Minimum order: 200
Place of manufacture: Spain
Materials: fiberglass (comfort and reduced cost)
Color: white or black
Design: made by the club communication manager
Key words: versatility, lightness, price
Selling price: 130 €

Fabien Veber:
“The enthusiasm was so enormous that we decided to put them all up for sale but of course also to test as 100% of our palas offered in our shop”


I loved playing with this racquet, responsive, pleasant, and not lacking in power. I also salute the risk-taking of the management team, which has decided to stand out by offering palas with an unbeatable quality / price ratio as their main advertising medium (for Made In Spain).

With this article, I wanted to congratulate this quartet which went to the end of the odyssey by supervising the best protagonists, in order to offer a product in line with the brand image they want to convey, namely professionalism and reliability. .

The catalysts and architects of this adventure were driven by the passion for padel, despite the economic climate reshaped by the current crisis. They did not hesitate, in the heart of the upheaval (project started in March 2020), to follow their “whim”, by validating the project, and not by postponing it.

It is with people overflowing with ideas and bubbling with desire that entrepreneurship and fine work are put in the spotlight to the delight of the padel French. Bravo Gentlemen, and we look forward to coming and treading the carpet with you when the sanitary restrictions are definitely lifted!

Padel Horizon
3 Bis, Rue de Paris
Tel: 07 64 02 79 91
Mail: fabien @padel-horizon.com

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of AvantagePadel.net, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.