Do you know the new shoes Head Sprint 3.0 Super Fabric? Shoes that are light, resistant and comfortable at the same time!

At Head, we do not change the recipes that work. The brand that equips some of the best players in the World Padel Tour : Sanyo Gutierrez, Arturo Coello, Paula Josemaria, Ariana Sanchez, returns with a Sprint shoe in bright colors and cutting-edge technologies.

HEAD Sprint Pro 3.0 SF 2021

In this version padel, there is a herringbone sole that will bring you safety even on terrains with visible sand. The Super Fabric material, which is found on the forefoot, combined with the Drift defende, will give you increased abrasion resistance which will ensure you can enjoy your shoes for a good while.

Head Sprint Pro 3.0 SF sole 2021


Maximum durability, therefore, but also exceptional comfort and support thanks to the thermoplastic polyurethane heel and the Delta Strap (triangle-shaped attachments at the midfoot) and the Ortholite sole. The Cooling System will provide you with good ventilation, so you always feel dry.

Head Sprint 3.0 Pro SF Padel Side 2021

Finally, in terms of performance, you will benefit from shock absorption, energy return and torsion protection thanks to the Tri-NRG foam. The new Lateral Control will guarantee you maximum stability when moving sideways.

You will understand, it is a real concentrate of technology that has just been released Head. A shoe as light as ever, which should delight more than one!


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