Let's go for the men's final at the'Hexagon Cup. After the victories of Gala / Jensen (RL9) among the youth and Brea / Araujo (ADvantage) among the girls, who will win among the men?

As in the two previous matches of the day, the men's final will be a rematch between two pairs who have already faced each other during the group stage.

During the first clash between these two pairs, Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk (Rafa Nadal Academy) were stronger than Juan Tello and Martin Di Nenno (ADvantage), winning a victory after a super boiling tie-break.

In this match which opposes the usual teammates (Stupa and Di Nenno make a pair on the Premier Padel, just like Tello and Ruiz), who will win and win the trophy in the men's category? Answer right below!

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