Beaten in their first match by Paquito and JM Diaz, Agustin Tapia and Jon Sanz fought back yesterday at the Madrid Arena.

Agustin and Jon are still alive in this Hexagon Cup. The RL9 Team players dominated their usual teammates Arturo Coello and Coki Nieto (Bella) at the end of a generally controlled match. A victory that our readers had anticipated: 65% of you saw the Spanish-Argentinian pair triumph in our Instagram survey. Jon and Agus' win 7/6 6/3 and put pressure on Arturo and Coki, who will absolutely have to beat Diaz and Navarro today to try to qualify.

In the other meetings of the day, Delfi Brea and Sofia Araujo (ADvantage) spoiled the first of Tamara Icardo and Alejandra Salazar (Hexagon Cup), and the former partners Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk (Rafa Nadal Academy) inflicted the suspense at the end their first defeat to Martin Di Nenno and Juan Tello (ADvantage).

All the results from the second day:


The program for the third and final day of groups

Next Gen (from 10:00 a.m.)

Rodriguez / Cardona (Hexagon Cup) vs Garcia / Hernandez (AD/vantage)

R.Coello / Guerrero (Bella) vs Gala / E.Jensen (RL9)

Men and Women (from 15:00 p.m.)

Sanchez / C.Jensen (RL9) vs Gonzalez / Fernandez (Bella)

Ruiz / Stupaczuk (Bella) vs. Chingotto / Capra (Eleven Eleven)

Salazar / Icardo (Hexagon Cup) vs Ortega / Triay (Rafa Nadal Academy)

Navarro / Diaz (Hexagon Cup) vs A.Coello / Nieto (Bella)

The link to follow the afternoon matches (Next Gen matches are not broadcast)

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