A bit like tennis, padel, surfaces and conditions are not always the same. If you are playing on a sandy track with the sun beating down on the windows and summer temperatures, you can be considered to be playing in fast conditions. On the other hand, if it is a new generation surface and it is rather cold and humid, then you evolve in slow conditions. And the way to play to win a game will not really be the same ... We explain!

What has to be done

When you are on a slow track, the key is tobe patient !

It's up to you to start with build your points and place your balls. Nothing like a nice little volley deposited in the baseline and without speed so that the rebound remains low. Make the most of your magnificent bandeja ou vibora, and make sure that the ball comes to die at the back of the field!

For heavy hitters, instead of thinking about par 3, favor smashes in front of you to get the ball back into your court. feel free to vary your smashes with feints, for this you will have to observe the placement of your opponents.

Be more smart than your rivals, get them moving, wait for the right opportunity, and when you see the hole, rush in to drop your ball there.

Make the opposing team outsmart so that it gets angry and tries to end it too quickly, and especially vary your game. If you succeed, the more the game progresses, the more your opponents will be tired… and therefore the more opportunities you will have to gain points easily.

Prep time Bandeja

What you should not do

Obviously, it does not help much to hit all the balls that come from above and persist on the par 3. Don't speed up the game too much, don't take too much risk. The goal on a slow surface will not be to finish the points in two ball hits.

Be careful with your balls from the baseline, they must not be too short or rise too high after the bounce on the glass, otherwise you will expose yourself to a more aggressive ball from your opponents.

Finally, once you managed to take the net, do your best not to back down !

vibora padel marrero


You will understand, on a slow track, favor the placement of your balls and be patient. The key to your victory is located there!

Will you be able to do that when you're on the court?

Francois-Xavier Coninck

Belgian and Toulouse, it's possible! Passionate about NBA and Biathlon, I am also a drug addict padel. I organize tournaments, I teach. But what I like best about padel : these are the short crossed passings. What good croquettes !!