This week, At the heart of padel comes back with a slightly different video. As always, we find Andoni Bardasco from the academy Padel Stuff, and Paul Daulan, exiled to Bilbao to perfect his padel. But this time, less technique, and more tactical approach, even philosophical with an interesting question: should we try to play one more move than our opponents in the padel ?

In other words, two mentalities are opposed: that of those who want to make winning shots very quickly, and that of those who prefer to wait for the good ball to attack, even if it sometimes means giving the impression of playing a little slowly...

Paul, who returns from France and takes advantage of his return to test the news StarVie Kenta, explains to his coach that in France we tend to think that the padel is generally played more slowly in Spain. A preconceived idea that Paul and Andoni do not really share. Through the exchange between the two men, you will see that the padel is not necessarily slower on the other side of the Pyrenees but often more thoughtful and controlled. In other words, as Andoni explains, you have to “have clear ideas”!

Ready for a very interesting discussion around how to approach this game to be as effective as possible? The answer just below!

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