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Policourt is more than twenty years of experience in padel !

The company, created in Spain, in Barcelona, ​​is today present all over the world and supplies the biggest clubs of padel and the biggest competitions.

The French branch is based in Saint-Etienne and offers all customers in the region solutions adapted to each need and rapid implementation of structures.

With 6 models of padels, Policourt offers a wide range of products ranging from entry level with a padel simple but robust, up to the very top of the range with customizable models and unique design.

Policourt, it is structures guaranteed for 5 years, the best materials and the best quality of installation for padels that last over time.

Policourt also offers all the equipment necessary for the good practice of padel, from nets to snowshoes, you are sure to find the padel that suits you!

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Phone: 04 69 35 24 67 Mail: contact@policourt-france.fr

Postal address: 1 Allée de la Colline - 42390 Villars - France [/ box]

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Policourt/648116215200034

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