The French National 1 Interclub Championships ended this weekend in Toulouse Padel Club. Let's take stock of the final ranking.

As you know, for both men and women, it is All In Lyon who won the bet. We saw some surprises, including seeded 1 who lost in the semi-final. Here is the final ranking:

Among the girls, the last two, AS Mantaise and the Tennis Club de Gémenos are relegated to Regional 1. They will be replaced by the Big Padel and TC Nice Giordan.

For boys, the last four will be in Regional 1 next season: MB Padel, Atlantic Stadium, Padel Horizon 2 and Padel Touch 2. They will be replaced by Palavas, Casa Padel, PadelShot Saint-Étienne and Big Padel 2.

Note that in 2024, the competition should take place at the start of the year, from February 2 to 4.

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