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The Intercontinental Cup of Padel Clubs kicks off Friday in Dakhla

The Intercontinental Cup of Padel Clubs starts Friday until Monday November 18 in Dakhla, Morocco, the opportunity for nations from five continents to confront each other.

For this first edition, the tournament will consist of an array of 16 Men's Teams with a comforting board and a ladies' board of 8 teams with also a consoling.

In total, 32 players and 16 players from Morocco, France, Argentina, Canada, Portugal, Brazil from Senegal, the Netherlands, Egypt, Monaco, Russia, Italy, from Spain and Mexico who will meet again.

The central court will be mounted in the heart of the city of Dakhla and will offer 500 places with villages of exhibitors. Everything is in place to make this edition a big padel party.

This Intercontinental Cup is already announced as a moment that will remain in the history of padel development in Africa. Indeed, the media have been mobilizing for more than six months to promote the discipline. And this will have a very important impact both economically and touristically.

The European Association of padel clubs that led the project can announce that its partners are working on a Moroccan circuit of 8 stages including 4 in public places. Messrs Omar el Alaoui (Director General of SAHARA EVENT) and Samir Hajije (President of the circle AVERROES) intend to transform the essay with Dakhla.

Also note that 18 players and 6 players participated in the European Cup of Clubs which took place in Valencia at the end of October.

Finally on the sidelines of the tournament, round tables will be organized on the themes of sport, health and hydrotherapy.

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