Occitania won the French Interleague Championship U14 2023 and becomes the first titled league in this competition (indeed, until now, the Interligues Jeunes mixed U14, U16 and U18).

In the final, we found the two favorite leagues of the competition, and in this clash, Occitanie was stronger than PACA:

  • Quentin Bernard and Samuel Expert dominated Tim Baulard Panichi and Hugo Luci 6/3 3/6 6/0
  • Louisa André and Mahaut Bazzo won against Juliette Lafont and Camille Biettron 6/1 6/2

Third place was won by Ile de France against Hauts de France 2-1 after a very close third match.

For those who would like to see the matches again, it happens just below:

Place now in the French U18 Championship, a competition which you can also follow on Padel Magazine.

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