After his advice for succeeding bajada, the Canal+ consultant, Laura Clergue, had the privilege of interviewing, at home, the best player in the history of the padel, Fernando Belasteguin.

Belastaguin, says “King Bela" or "The Goat“, is a player who needs no introduction. Now aged 44, he was for 16 years world number one. He will argue his last year as a professional player in 2024, which will complete a stage of 30 years as a professional player at the highest level.

Back to its beginnings

In this interview he returns to his beginnings in his small village of Pehuajo in Argentina where he started with wooden rackets. Then speaks with tenderness of this man who spotted him in Argentina and without whom he would never have been able to be a professional football player. padel : Mr. Diaz.

He describes the opportunity which allowed him to come and experience the adventure of the pro circuit in Spain and the way in which he met Juan Martin Diaz with whom they dominated the padel worldwide for 13 years. Juan Martin Diaz even took care to leave a little note for Bela.

Changes and fears

He then returns without taboo to the meeting with his wife and the change linked to the arrival of his three children. Before detailing the step with Pablo Lima, with whom they were number 1 world for 3 years and what led them to separate a little too early to his taste.

He opens up about the worst moment of his career when he had to face the most serious injury of his life in 2018. For a while, he thought he would never be able to play the game again padel and admits the importance of the support of his family in this complicated moment.

He will then return to the rest of his associations with Agustin Tapia, Arturo Coello, sanyo gutierrez et mike yanguas and its future association with I fight Capra. A touching interview with the GOAT of padel which will help you to know him better before his last year of competition and heartbreaking farewells to the world on which he reigned for 3 decades.