Italy never ceases to amaze us.

In fact, our neighbor seems to be following the same path as Sweden with regard to the development of padel.

We already told you about it some time ago, Italy has at least 1.5 million fans de padel and discipline is gradually taking over football.

An increase in the number of plots built

We have been able to observe that among our transalpine neighbors the “padelmania” continued to increase and to meet this ever-increasing demand, club managers went all out.

Between April 2021 and March 2022 the supply increased by almost more than 50%.

Last year Italy had just over 2 pitches on its territory.

Today, no less than 5 structures are dedicated to padel.

The numbers are incredible.

These results come from a study carried out by our Italian colleagues from Mr Padel Paddle

In this analysis we can also see that the indoor courts are also progressing, although more slowly.

The Italians go from 508 pitches to 1523, 3 times more in just one year.

How to explain this difference? It would seem that the climate is milder on the other side of the border, which could explain why the country has a lot more outdoor pitches.

Source: Instagram Padel_Paddle_Mr

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