The Power Padel was born a week ago in Chiusi, a town in Siena in Tuscany. There are two outdoor courts and an indoor court. Le padel Italian is boiling!

This complex was inaugurated next to the Chiusi Tennis Club, with a former great Italian athlete: Damiano Pippi. He wrote important pages of Italian volleyball. He was a silver medalist at the Athens Olympics in 2004, World Champion in Athens in 1994. He is therefore now the owner with his brother of Power Padel.

Power padel logo

He tells us about his project: “I played tennis when I was little and started playing it again after my volleyball career was over. But when I was invited to play padel, I immediately hooked! Speaking with the Chiusi Tennis Club and with Coopersport which manages the entire sports area, the opportunity arose to create tennis courts. padel. Now I am very happy to see that this idea has come to the end of the road ”.

Pippi, from athlete to entrepreneur

The transition from athlete to entrepreneur was long, but he rediscovered an old acquaintance from the time when he was a volleyball player: Samuel Papi.

Today, Samuel Papi is in the staff of the Italian team for the Olympics. They therefore promised to play padel on his return. Damiano Pappi explains how he wants to develop this project: “I wanted to build a quality structure. We will have the same tracks as the WPT ”.

Damiano Pappi wishes to offer a high quality ski slope and locker room reservation service. But also, he wants top-level staff who understand workforce building.

In Tuscany too, the padel is becoming more and more a mass phenomenon. According to Damniano Pappi: “This sport will continue to grow, a lot of people are starting to know it and have fun playing it”.

Still according to the entrepreneur: “The secret of the explosion of padel is about being simple, fun, affordable, and fun. It is accessible to all ”.


source: Corriere Dello Sport

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