izi Padel - The community of enthusiasts Padel.

Thanks to izi Padel, you will be able to find partners at your level and near you with whom you can organize games.

About izi Padel everything is done to support you in your daily life. Your partners recommend you to other players and you can follow your consistency as well as your progress.

In the application each member is identified by a color level (12 colors) which changes according to the games played or according to the level assessment carried out by one of the izi partner teachers Padel.

Thus, everyone can organize games according to the level they want to face.

The izi application Padel offers a geolocation of the surrounding tracks as well as the parts in search of players.

The social aspect is not left out, because the application includes news feeds Padel open to comment and contribution. Private discussions and private groups by club are also planned in a future version.

The Beta version is being tested. General availability in the Android and iPhone App Store is scheduled for summer 2017.

For more information, see www.izipadel.fr