We are used to talking about the best French players, players exposed in the media... But this time, it's Jonathan Chailloux, unknown to the battalion, having never touched a tennis racket in his life, who set himself a goal: join the French TOP 1000. Possible?

"My name is Jonathan Chailloux, I have never touched a racket in my life except for the ping pong rackets at school. I have a goal: to reach the top 1000 French padel. Does anyone believe this possible?

May 2023: a friend tells me about his new sport, Padel.

  • “Ah yes, it’s played by 4, you’ll see, it’s great, do you want to try?”
  • "Yes why not."

June 2023: Come on, I'll try, without much conviction.

It's true that I'm coming a long way, having never played a racket sport, except for a few games of ping-pong with friends (I don't know if that counts).

And there, it's a revelation, I get a taste for it, I play a few matches with friends, a little laborious but I hang in there.

I'm getting my license and starting a few small tournaments.

Jonathan Chailloux aims for top 1000

I want to improve myself to practice more easily, I decide to take lessons.

First with Paul Daulan, thank you for your patience in my beginnings and your support.

August 2023: I take lessons in one of the best clubs in France, the padel Mas squash in Perpignan, a real pleasure.

September 2023: I'm starting training again with a new coach, and what a coach! Damien Lozano, 48th French player currently, a great sporting encounter. He helps me progress on technique and tactics and supports me on the mental and physical side. For his patience and courage, he deserves a medal.

October 2023: I continue the courses and tournaments with a long term goal of entering the top 1000…

December 2023 : I'm starting the P100, I'm feeling better and better and above all I'm gaining a lot of confidence, playing with my different partners allows me to adapt to the tactical change. I play one tournament on the right, another on the left. (Versatility is important, I think, to learn and better understand this sport).

With my coach Damien Lozano, we are going on an internship Padel near Barcelona with Xavi Figols. Intense days, a different vision of Padel which allows me to understand my approach.

February 2024 : to date, I have won 30 places and this is only the beginning... Recently, I participated in a P000 with a player more experienced than me who understood my sporting project and who helps me progress like it should be. I took this moment as an additional challenge.

2024… More great experiences to come, I hope for good progress and above all always have fun with the racket in hand.”

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.