It was there little feeling of the morning at the A1 Padel from Seville, the victory of Jean-Michel Pequery and Sébastien Corbelli 6/4 6/4 against the young Spanish pair Ruiz/Morales. The two friends have assured and are even directly qualified for the semi-final of the preprevias. Their opponents Francisco Gonzalez and Sergio Borrero De La Fuente are absent from the tournament.

The pleasure of finding the grounds

JM "I'm coming out of a few months of injuries, it's been more than 6 months since I did a tournament. We arrived to come and have fun and have a good time together. We are super happy, even surprised with the background we had, because we played a solid game against two young Spaniards."

Seb "Like Jean-Michel, I am coming out of injury. Playing a tournament already is great. We had good feelings. I stayed in my register, no fault, solid, conquering (laughs) and it worked well. "

Two friends playing together

JM "With Seb, we played two years together, we had a blast! We are at a time when playing with a friend was more important. Finally in this spirit, we had a very solid and very consistent match.

Seb "It's just fun. At 45, the spirit is still there, but the goals are different. Playing again with your friend is more fun in the exchange and in the desire. We are more combative and we have fun."

The A1 Padel like renewal

JM "We are competitors, when there is the possibility of facing great players of course we only want to play, even if we are starting to be older. We will probably not do all the stages, but this tournament is a great opportunity to challenge young people and it smiles on us, so we are happy".

Seb "We feel that it's a pro tournament, there are people, bleachers, banners and there are professional players, with a little luck we will play. It allows us not to fall into monotony, we have been playing French tournaments for seven or eight years with an excellent level, but in the end each week we find the same players. There, it opens other doors, other styles of play, another atmosphere and it's refreshing. It is a discovery that brings the renewal of pleasure.”

Vincent Gallie

A fan of oval football, round ball but also racket sports, he was stung by the padel during his adolescence in Galicia. As comfortable in front of the camera as behind a microphone, Vince will be able to bring his vision and expertise as a fan of the little yellow ball.