While the final tableau of this French Human Padel begins this Wednesday at the Palais des Sports André Brouat, we were able to meet Jessica castello, the partner ofAlix Collombon on the professional circuit.

We were able to talk with her about her first impressions of the organization of the competition, but also about the shock pair she forms with the young Lyonnaise.

“An incredible organization”

“Although I'm not the one who plays at home, as I said to Alix I really wanted to come and play here. I was able to discuss it precisely with Alix and Robin, the organization of the tournament is incredible, all the staff did a huge job and for a first in France we can say that they did things big.
The central track is magnificent and I really want to start the competition.

The city is very pretty, I had already been able to come once a few years ago to attend an event of padel and it is true that I really liked Toulouse."

“A complicated game today”

Today we face Carla Mesa and Claudia Jensen, a very strong team. It will be a complicated match because they are having a good season. A few days ago in Vienna they managed to go to the semi-finals and they came close to being in the final. We unfortunately lost against them in Vigo. This defeat was difficult but we too have had good results recently, we have prepared well so we will see what the outcome of this match will be.

If we are solid we can manage to play a good game. I prepared as usual, with my personal routine. We know what we have to do, never give up, be solid and above all have fun.


“We had a good 2021 season”

"With Alix, for our first year together we managed to obtain good results. This year, unfortunately, we are a little less regular, but we performed well on the pitch.

We will continue to be motivated, focused and determined and I think that with this state of mind we will be able to do better”.

“Alix is ​​more offensive than Ana”

“Alix and my former partner Ana Cortiles are two different types of players. Ana was a little smaller and with a more defensive style of play. On the contrary, Alix is ​​taller and it plays a lot because she has a bigger wingspan, and manages to be more offensive, which can help me at times. She is at the same time very solid in defense and the fact that she comes from tennis can help on certain points.

In addition, it structures the game effectively, which allows me to have a little more freedom during matches.

A higher and higher level

“We can see that in recent years the level among girls has been getting higher and higher despite a younger average age. New pairs arrive on the circuit each season and it becomes increasingly difficult to qualify. The difference with last year is that there are more strong pairs, and after the Top 10 we notice that there are 5 – 6 pairs that create the surprise and I think the level will not stop to increase".

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.