This is perhaps the first time that there has been so much talk about a t-shirt. As you know, after the victory of the Lebron / Galan pair against Garrido / Yanguas in Acapulco, Juan Lebron took off his t-shirt and brandished it in front of his opponents.

A gesture which was widely commented on, and which the main interested party explained in a post-match interview. Translation :

“I always understood that when you win, you can celebrate the victory however you want. Several people from their team told them to come and apologize to me but so far they haven't. I invite them to do it because I apologized and I really hope that they will do the same because there is a World Championship this year and we want the team to go from there. 'Before."

“You always have to control everything that happens both on and off the track, as I said, I asked for forgiveness, and I apologize again for what happened at Doha.”

You understood, Juan, who lost his teammate following the clash in Qatar, still blames Javi Garrido and Miguel Yanguas, who provoked him throughout the match. We will need an explanation between these three, otherwise the atmosphere risks being special in the Spanish selection…

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