Sanyo Gutiérrez is known for rarely keeping his tongue in his pocket, and he shows it once again during an interview with our colleagues from Veinte Diez published on his Instagram account.

First, we find confirmation that the Argentinian will join forces with his ex-partner Maxi Sanchez from P2 in Brussels. A union which does not seem ideal for “El Mago”, but which still remains interesting:

“I'm very happy because he's a player I've played a lot with since I was little. We had two stages together at the professional level: one where we finished as number 3 pair, and the other where we were number 1 pair and where we separated as number n pair °2. (…) I thought about younger players, more powerful than us, but I ended up choosing the short-term option with Maxi because in terms of ranking we remain among the first eight seeds, and because that we can get along very quickly.”

Motivated by his project with Paquito, Sanyo perfectly understands the Andalusian's decision (to join forces with Juan Lebron), but he does not hide a certain sadness, and complains again about these somewhat untimely changes of pairs: “I am always criticized when I say that the padel is an individual sport, but this sport proves me right a little more each time. (…) It hurts, but Paquito has to think about his career and I completely understand that.” He repeats : "It's been years since the padel has become a completely individual sport”. For those who didn't understand, the message seems to have gotten through this time...

The entire exchange:

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