Interviewed by our colleagues at Olé, Juan Martin Diaz, who is living his last moments in the tournaments of padel professionals, gave his impressions on the padel current, and paid tribute to two particularly hardworking players: Federico Chingotto and Martin Di Nenno.

“I don't like it when it bounces around a lot. I do not like the padel “Wimbledon style” where we serve and smash. When it's slow, you really see the padel. Di Nenno or Chingotto are the ones who really know how to play padel. I just played with Cepero and he always puts the ball where he wants. That's knowing how to play padel. "

The left-hander, who has always impressed with his atypical way of playing, made up of incredible blocks, very cut volleys and powerful shots, actually admires those who are capable of playing differently, more slowly: “I don't know what the the future holds for padel, but I hope that it will not become too fast: that we will favor technique more than strength and power.”

Despite this, he remains admiring of what the most aggressive players do: “Seeing Tapia play is a pleasure for me. He's a boy touched by grace, it's like watching Messi play football: he can do anything and never disappoints. Lebrón is the same thing, and I could name you many other players like that.”

Finally, it is as a fan that the legend will retire at the end of the season: “I love the padel that I see today.”

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