As you probably already know, Juan Martin Diaz, who will turn 48 in November, will retire at the end of the season.

The native of Mar Del Plata (Argentina) will end an incredible career, which saw him spend 13 years at the top of the padel world with Fernando Belasteguin. Currently, we are enjoying the last moments in the professional tournaments of the man who, despite his advanced age, is still in 61st place in the WPT rankings and is still playing rounds in the most competitive tournaments in the world.

In the world Top 100, we find five other forty-year-olds: Fernando Belasteguin (44 years old), Miguel Lamperti (44 years old), Agustin Silingo (40 years old) and Borja Yribarren (43 years old). If only Bela is still part of the Top 20, all these players show that it is still possible at the age of 40 to perform at a high level, even if it seems to be more and more complicated.

You are wondering who is the oldest player to have taken part in a professional tournament this year, it is a certain Marcello Jardim, who despite his 50 years, continues to battle in the previas of the World Padel Tour, as evidenced by its 154th place. The Brazilian is perhaps looking to beat the record of Roby Gattiker, who at 51 years old had spent a round at the WPT Buenos Aires Master 2019 with Denis Perino!

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