Babolat marks a new stage for the most famous French padel brand with its pair of BABOLAT JET PADEL shoes.

The BABOLAT JET PADEL is clearly a new product at Babolat which is expanding its range of shoes. Except that this time, it's a real innovation.

The professional players of padel plebiscite. While initially only Miguel Lamperti and the Alayeto sisters started to wear these shoes, a slew of other professional players have come to expand the ranks including a French acquaintance the long-time Fernando Poggi.

These shoes are an advance for the French brand that has put the package on the Lightness and Dynamism of these shoes. The idea was clear: Win in speed and lightness while maintaining optimal support and tonicity at the feet. Successful bet !

Frédéric Bertucat, Padel Director at Babolat, talks about the adventure of this special shoe.

This shoe breaks a little habits. How did Babolat think of developing such a light pair?

paddle jet babolatBabolat is a pioneering company (since 1875) and expert in racket sports. She dedicates all her efforts to improve the Practice and Performance of these sports with Innovative products to meet the requirements of our practitioners.

Today Padel is a sport whose game is faster and faster where the player is led to move faster and faster. He needs to be more dynamic on the field to win his games.

This for this reason that this shoe was thought: to facilitate the performance of the players, ie, in the case of the Jet Padel, improve the speed of its movements, help it in its abrupt changes of trajectory, in Developing an ultra-light shoe with excellent dynamism thanks to the innovations provided by our partners Michelin and Chamatex.

PARTNER and OFFICIAL SHOE OF THE WORLD PADEL TOUR, it allowed us also to observe the displacements of the players, to know their real needs and their constraints to report this information to the development teams.

What are the main technologies of this shoe?

3 Technologies stand out from the JET PADEL:

- MATRYX: An innovation filed and developed exclusively in collaboration with Chaminnovation bablot padelatex, an expert company in high-tech fabrics. Made in France and designed specifically for the needs of practitioners, the upper part of the shoe is made of one piece and made with Kevlar and Polyamide son ultra-resistant. Hence the result of an incredibly lightweight and very stable shoe that perfectly matches the shape of the foot.

- MICHELIN SOLE: A partner of Babolat since 2003, Michelin's innovation team has developed the contact sole thanks to their level of expertise in the field of the automobile industry. She designed an abrasion-resistant sole with a sole design to meet the constraints of padel terrain.

- ACTIVE FLEXION: A technology developed and deposited by Babolat: the shape and composition of the materials used focus on 9 pressure points of the shoe for optimal agility and precision.

So to answer the question, it is about 2 innovations / materials used: the MATRYX stem and the composition of the MICHELIN contact sole that allow this shoe to be unique.

Can we already measure its success?

It's a huge start for Babolat. First of all, many professional players use this shoe. And it's not so easy to break the habits of the players. After the racket, the shoe is 2st Most important "work tool" for the player. These are a bit of the tires of the 1 Formulas. Now many new outlets are claiming this shoe. A customer did not hesitate in the month of July to make a return trip by car Granada => Madrid in the day just to be sure to buy it.
We organized a test day with the journalists during the WPT tournament in Valladolid. Some journalists have not hesitated to write that this is "Padel's shoe of the year. A revolution in Padel's shoe !!! "

Padel's France team also uses this shoe. They will also be equipped with the Jet Padel for the finals of the padel world championships next November.

To get back to the players of the World Padel Tour circuit, the day we started to equip Miguel Lamperti and twin sisters Mapi and Majo Alayeto before launching for in-game testing, his JET PADEL started making the Buzz among the Pro players and all those in contract with Babolat contacted us soon after to switch to the JET PADEL model.

babolat jetFor the anecdote, never a Pro player will put a new shoe to play a tournament match. He needs to put her in training so that she can train herself.
And there, "oh surprise", some players like Fernando Poggi were so surprised by the comfort and the maintenance of the JET PADEL when we distributed them last July during the WPT tournament of babolat padel sprayValladolid, that they did not hesitate to play their match an hour after giving them. Moreover, on the 8 semi-finalists of Valladolid, 5 were wearing the JET PADEL and the twin sisters Alayeto won in the women's draw.

Mission accomplished for us, Lightness and Dynamism at the service of Padel Player Performance !!!!

padel babolat jet shoe

Interviewed by Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.