This is a first: the PPA, the players' association of padel professionals, calls on the FIP to take immediate measures to put an end to a certain number of irregularities.

In question, the table of Mexico FIP Platinum, but also errors in the ranking, unpaid prize money, cancellations of non-regulatory tournaments, image rights problems…

Here is the letter in question, translated by us:

The PPA, in legitimate defense of the interests of the players affiliated with it, wishes to officially communicate its position regarding certain irregularities that occur in competitions organized or supervised by the International Football Federation. Padel (FIP).

More precisely, the PPA expresses its disagreement with the structuring of the table and the distribution of the prize money determined by the FIP for the Platinum category tournament currently being played in Mexico.

In the information provided by the FIP through the informative document establishing the characteristics of the tournament, a final table of 28 pairs plus 4 qualifiers was established. However, the tournament is currently taking place with 28 pairs plus 4 qualifiers and 2 wild-cards. Furthermore, the distribution of prizes per round does not correspond to the FIP regulations in this regard, therefore not respecting what is established in the technical regulations of the FIP Tour in article 2.13.7.

This situation, unfortunately, is not an isolated case. It is part of a deeper structural problem which today results in the existence of obvious errors in the classification with regard to the allocation of points based on the sporting results of the players, the cancellation of events of the FIP Tour without notice, situations of non-payment or delay in the payment of prize money by certain FIP Tour promoters, as well as inappropriate use of players' image rights, among others.

Accordingly, and given that this association recognizes and is aware of the importance of the governance of an International Federation in sport, the PPA urges the FIP to take appropriate measures in coordination with the representative associations of the players in order to to guarantee a security framework for the conduct of competitions and the correct application of the corresponding regulations.

The PPA, in its defense of the legitimate interests and rights of its members, will take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth running of the careers of professional players and defend their rights.

As said in the introduction, this is truly a first since until then, the PPA was in some way on the side of the FIP in the conflict which opposed it to the World Padel Tour. With the WPT now out of the game, the PPA is asking the International Federation to resolve certain dysfunctions. It now remains to be seen how the latter will react to this message…

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