From October 6 to 9 at the Inacua club in Malaga, the International Club Cup Padel will take over from the 5 editions of the European Cup of Clubs Padel.

Nations all over the world

The European Association of Clubs Padel (AECP) was forced to rename its competition, and to integrate it on an intercontinental scale.

Indeed, clubs in Middle-East et Asia will be added to the clubs European et African who were already participating in this Cup.

With no less than 18 nations represented, this Cup will be the most international of the EFCA. Clubs from Romania, the United Arab Emirates and Tunisia have already confirmed their participation, and clubs from Japan, Qatar and Switzerland should also come and add their flag to this great celebration of the padel.

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A unique event

For this edition, it will be two pairs of men and one pair of women who will represent their club in a competition where good humor reigns.

24 clubs will compete to try to be ranked as best as possible in the ranking from 1 to 24, and why not succeed the club of Mas of Perpignan in the charts.

Each club will play 5 matches and therefore each pair will play a minimum of 5 matches over the 3 days.

In addition to the sporting part, the AECP organizes other services such as medical follow-up, entertainment, meetings to create links between the clubs, or even large meals with all the players.

It remains 3 seats to enter this competition. If you are a club, and you want to apply for registration for the 2022 edition, contact the members of the AECP.


Tel: Lorenzo Lecci Lopez – +33 6 31 80 48 90 – Claude Baigts – +33 662 448 785

For more information, see the European web page Padel Cup

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