On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, La Toupie Bleue shares with you the third part of its new section: “Do a “par 5” while staying padel ! "

This monthly column aims to give you 5 tips/recommendations/shares around the theme of travel padel and the practice itself.

In our first part, we shared with you 5 good practices … before leaving!

In the second part, we give you 5 tips around the theme of "taking the plane for your trip padel in Europe ".

Prevent injuries

For this 3e monthly article, Rémi exchanged with Santiago Molins, based in Andorra, and qualified & experienced in the world of physical trainers specialized in particular in methods of increasing strength and improving physical condition for all.

Between jumps, changes of direction of the foot, counter-supports and pivots, the ankle joint is very stressed at the padel … In order to situate yourself and prevent a potential localized injury, let’s talk with “Santi”.

Rémi: Santi, can you first introduce yourself to the readers of Padel Magazine ?

Saints : I am Santiago Molins, coordinator at The Personal Training Club, a center dedicated to personal training in Andorra.

I have been a personal trainer for 7 years and specialize in supervising bodybuilding in sports centers, and in improving physical condition – for athletes or even for the general public.

I studied physical activity and sport in Barcelona, ​​where I met Rémi Collat. I have a Master's degree in Injury Recovery in Physical and Sports Activity, and several specific degrees related to Functional Physical Assessment as well as Sports Training. I seek that each of my students/athletes/clients can improve their basic physical abilities which are: mobility, strength, power and endurance.

I met Rémi in third year when he came to Barcelona for a year in Erasmus. We became good friends because I am from Andorra and I studied in French. Despite everything, I must say that Rémi's level of Spanish was already very good and that he integrated very well into the group. I will always remember his parting tears when he did his last class at INEFC and we started tossing him around among all the classmates! 

The dorsiflexion test

Rémi: As I said in the introduction, the ankles are often called upon on the track. padel, but also outside, especially if we include a trek or an outdoor outing in our package. Can you tell us how to assess ankle mobility?

Sant: Indeed, the first thing to do is to assess the mobility of the joint. With an ankle dorsiflexion test you can get a first idea on the question.


  1. If we are able to touch the wall with the knee without lifting the heel, we rule out that the problem comes from a lack of mobility in the ankle joint.
  2. If, on the other hand, we are NOT able to touch the wall with the knee without lifting the heel, two scenarios can occur to us:
  • Either we notice a lot of tension in the soleus muscle and gastrocnemius, preventing the joint from moving properly. In this case, we should do stretching of the calf muscles.
  • Or, we notice a blockage in the anterior part of the ankle. In this case, we should go to the osteopath or physiotherapist to unblock the subtalar joint.


Rémi: It's very clear. Could you share with us 5 easily achievable exercises with little equipment?

Sant: Of course, I hope these avenues of work will help you reduce the risk of injury. 

Sant: I would like to thank Rémi Collat ​​for the opportunity to contribute my knowledge so that his players padel and readers of Padel Magazine are injured less and achieve their best sports performance!

Contact Santiago Molins: santi_mol91@hotmail.com

La Toupie Bleue, since its creation, has attached particular importance to the athletic condition of its clients and to the evaluation (at their request) of their “physical form”. It is in particular in this sense that we are authorized to pass the tests of the Instituts des Rencontres de la Forme, and this since 2017.

Remi Collat

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