We continue on the high end, this time focusing on the French brand: BABOLAT PADEL.

In recent months, Babolat has been all the rage thanks to its pair of padel  : The Jet Padel.

But Babolat is also upscale in the paddle racket. She offers 3 paddle rackets:

Unlike other brands that have very wide ranges, Babolat focused on these models 3 each with a well-defined style.

THE DRIVE TOUR: The Swiss army knife

This is a racket that is primarily for players seeking control. The shape of the sieve is round and the gum rather soft. Advantage, a priori no tennis elbow with this racket unlike others on the market particularly rigid. Despite this lightness in hand, the sweet spot remains centered and wide. it means that it will remain tolerant to imperfections of the gesture or even if the ball is off-center. There is better, but there is much worse especially. Another element to take into account, in defense, you will tear! It absorbs balls well and can counter more easily than with the Viper for example. The ball outflows are correct. We can say that it is the Swiss army knife of the Babolat range.

THE VIPER TOUR: All in force

With the Babolat Viper Tour, we change completely the register. It is a racket whose rubber is more rigid than the Drive Tour. More rigidity and therefore more precision with this racket. On the other hand, less malleable in defense. His weight in the lead can allow him to defend well with a weight that is not excessive either, but its major asset it will be especially the attack! it is certain: she sends. And it will particularly appeal to attackers looking for power in a racket. Tennis players may have more ease with this racket because it has a round grip at the wrists. Some rackets have made a classic choice of padel brands namely octagonal handle. But it takes a little time to get used to: Babolat has remained in his lineage.

THE SENSATION TOUR: while in control

Compared to the two previous rackets, it is certainly the most defensive. First observation in the grip, we feel that the weight of the racket is at the level of the handle which gives us a max of "sensation" and control especially! No worries, counters will have no secrets for you! But the net is another matter. If in the counter, she reacts well, it is sometimes difficult to print tone to the ball, unless you have a big arm. It's a racket for the little game, for straight players who want to build a point. For the finish, you will have to ask your gunner to finish the job. The sweet sport is very good with a wide margin of error.

Plu overall with these three rackets, Babolat padel offers us all styles. Many players will be very happy with these rackets. Finally almost because players looking for rackets with a rigid eraser will either test the Viper and again or so turn to other brands.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.