The world's eyes are on Spain and its professional padel circuit ... But Spain has its eyes fixed on the international scene. Indeed, "the Spanish padel market is no longer really evolving. To sell more, you have to export. Abroad, there is everything to do."

Unfortunately, we can not give you exactly the turnover of paddle racket sales in France. Moreover, it does not concern only France, but all countries where there is padel. If the padel "has reached in Spain its maximum"Tells us many players padel in Spain, however, we observe an increase in the turnover of the Spanish market even if we will not give any figures as the answers are variable.

Strange no? What's going on? Spanish brands and websites are the big winners for now, but you will see that there are perverse effects.

Fortunately, France is getting organized, often with a lot of work for brands on the French territory, clubs that keep on communicating and French websites that are particularly active on padel events. But how hard it is to fight Spain, which is decades ahead of France.

For the moment, the Spanish market is benefiting from the international expansion of the padel. You will see that if padel players (brands and clubs in particular) invest in the promotion of the padel, the return on investment per nation is sometimes not very clear and it is not close to clarify if nothing changes.

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Can we have a precise figure on the turnover achieved by brands in each country?

For the moment, it's impossible. Firstly because the brands remain discreet. But also and especially because the brands are not necessarily in the ability to know what is the exact turnover by country.

Specifically, it is impossible to know the turnover of a racket brand in France for example.

For a very simple reason: The players and customers buy largely in Spain. And the Spanish sites that sell snowshoes do not say who they are selling to.

Fortunately, French sites and clubs are organized with the help of brand salespeople in France. But it's far from obvious.

The communication and work of French brands, clubs and sites in France is important. But this benefits especially the Spanish market. As a result, the total turnover of sales in Spain is inevitably biased as is the French turnover.

The Spanish turnover benefits enormously from the nations where the padel is growing.

And in countries where the padel is developing like France, it is impossible to know the real turnover which is much weaker than reality. This observation is applicable to many European countries.

What we do know is that there are more and more padel players every day in France and elsewhere in the world and that this inevitably benefits brands at the end of the chain.

But in this mechanism, we will try to show you that it is better to buy in France than in Spain.

Why is it better to buy in France than in Spain?

Our comments are thoughtful and verifiable every day. So there is no bias, but only a simple observation: In fact, the customer should systematically buy his paddle racket in France.

The reasons :

1. Rates in France are low.

French padel clubs and shops offer very competitive rates. Most often at the same price as Spanish fares. Check well in your club or on the French sites.

A few euros sometimes, is it really worth to try the adventure in Spain while you have many guarantees in France?

2. Test your material

In your club and via more and more French sites, you also have the opportunity to test your equipment. What service ! it allows you to avoid making mistakes when you buy.

That's why there is interest in playing the game and buying in a padel club that lent you the equipment instead of going to buy then on a website esoagnol to earn a few euros. Many padel clubs launch this alert to players ...

"By force, there will be no more club service, more help or advice, when we see the behavior of some of the players who ask us for advice or test equipment before buying elsewhere" .

3. Customer service

Attention: In case of problem, forget the after-sales service. Your racket is late, your racket has a default, do not count on the Spanish website by which you went, or the representatives of the brand in France to make a move or replace the racket.

A paddle racket is much more fragile than a tennis racket. If you change the line for a tennis racket, in the padel, it is the racket that we change (sometimes regularly). However, we do not always know how paddle rackets in Spain have been stored and preserved. Without realizing it, your racket may already have lost its vivacity, the rubber may be already deteriorating ...

That's why buying in France will make it much easier for you to return (or replace) your equipment if it does not fit.

4. Take part in the economic life of the padel

This article is not intended to be moral, especially as here, it is in the interest of the customer to buy in France. Padel clubs and French sites are part of the economic life of padel in France. They invest in the promotion of padel in France, the French media of which we are part, in padel players. Brand salespeople are sometimes remunerated according to the turnover of their area. And many are fighting to develop their brand and padel in general.

So play the game and buy French because you will be a winner.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.