Le padel goes international, the padel democratizes, le padel Americanizes. The year 2021 will be marked by the multiplication of projects for the creation of tournaments USA. Focus on the New Jersey.

New Jersey Summer League

This competition of padel, organized by Tom Price and Jersey Squash and Racketball Club, is a real American competition.

40 pairs, all of which must register under one name (the Lobstoppers, the Flying Aces…), Compete in divisions of levels. This competition makes it possible to boost 5 courts which had been built without actually being managed.

It is not enough to build courts of padel in territories where the padel is still unknown to the general public, they must be animated and brought to life.

“Last year the padel took off with flying colors. After that, people have become quite addicted and started playing all winter, ” says Tom Price.

USPA Circuit

The circuit USPA (United State Padel Association) has started this weekend in Miami.

uspa miami 2021 poster

In the first tournament taking place at this very moment we find Nallé Grinda, next to Carlos Franco. The Frenchman was not supposed to participate but he finally replaced at the last minute his usual teammate on the American circuit: the former tennis player Guillermo Cañas.

The Grinda / Franco pair have no point to defend in this first tournament organized by the USPA, and if they manage to reach the final, we will broadcast them live on Facebook in partnership with “Padel in Miami ”! Stay Connected!

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