Since yesterday, the Grimaldi Forum has hosted the first edition of the Padel Best Expo, an event dedicated to the world of padel organized by the Italian company BSG.

Le padel up to date

Louis Ducruet, president of the Barbaguians of Monaco and nephew of Prince Albert II, gave the start yesterday. The exhibition highlights current trends surrounding the world of padel by bringing together international suppliers to showcase their products related to padel. The public can also discover technological projects proposed by innovators, such as Virtual Reality gaming.

The environment of the Grimaldi Forum is designed to facilitate meetings between the general public, professionals, players in the world of padel and enthusiasts of all levels. Experts, coaches and athletes also took turns to speak in workshops within the Padel Forum to bring additional added value to the event.

Inauguration Padel Best Expo 2024

VIPs at the rendezvous

The second edition of the Five Padel Cup is also held during these three days. On this occasion, many celebrities, particularly from the world of Italian football, made the trip: Fabio Cannavaro, Nelson Dida and Andriy Shevchenko. The latter represented the Football For Ukraine association for which the event raised funds.

These headliners were able to take part in the game on the numerous fields set up for the occasion. Competitions organized within the framework of the Five Padel Cup were placed under the sign of inclusiveness, where everyone was invited to take the field.

Padel Best Expo 2024

The view of Roberta Ceccarelli, president of BSG and Padel Best Expo: “Padel Best Expo is a large exhibition of padel with an international vocation. The project was designed to attract all the most qualified components of the sector and to share their sporting and professional experiences. Fun is the driving force of the event and a great attraction factor to also highlight the values ​​of solidarity and valorization of international sporting and productive excellence."

Roberto Ceccarrelli Padel Best Expo 2024

If you have the opportunity to go and enjoy the last day of the Padel Best Expo, you will also be able to see the FIP Rise final at the Grimaldi Forum and encourage the French Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué.