Le padel is a technical, physical and also very mental sport! Very few players have a mental trainer to follow them for various reasons. We will see what benefits a mental coach can bring to you individually and as a team.

Mental trainer:

In the world of padel, the few players who have taken the step to receive mental support call on a psychologist. Every player is different and has different expectations. Let us still know that for sport, there are very good mental trainers who have a past as a professional player and who have above all practiced on themselves the methods they apply to better understand them and transmit them as best as possible. So what importance does the mind have in the padel ?

Why do very few players call on a mental trainer?

First of all, working with a mental trainer comes at a cost. But if you take it as an investment that will serve you both on a sporting and personal level in everyday life, you will see that you will know yourself better and this can be a window to flourish a little more in the lives of all. days.

Assuming to have a mental trainer means accepting the view of others which becomes different, because you are categorized (wrongly) as mentally weak. So what ? Does having a physical trainer mean having to be a physical fool? All these prejudices should not hold you back or prevent you from taking the steps to become mentally, solidified and personally discovered.

Mental preparation will provide you with a lot of tools and resources to surpass yourself, surpass yourself, never give up and find solutions at any time!

Individual concentration:

Even though padel is a team sport, each player must be able to concentrate on themselves and not on what their partner is doing or their attitude. This is very difficult and if the player doesn't have the mental tools to find focus or routine, every little thing can destroy him and cause the team to go under. This is why knowing yourself personally and being able to concentrate on yourself is something essential for a player. padel.

A cohesive team :

When the player knows his weaknesses and strengths, this will lead the team to grow and become stronger and more resilient. Being able to focus on yourself and become the leader of the team when the match is not going in your favor, or being able to boost morale and support your partner during and after matches, all of this is a mental strength that must be put to the team's advantage. The stronger the two players are mentally, the tougher the team will be and will never give up in the most complicated moments.

You will understand that having a mental trainer is a real plus in your progress in the padel. We could even say that the mental trainer is as important as the coach of padel or physics.

We are lucky to count among our best French players 2 former tennis professionals and currently 2 of the best mental trainers of the hexagon.

Jean-Michel Pequery and Pier Gauthier are both well recognized in their profession thanks in particular to breathtaking results with their players in all sports (tennis, golf, poker, etc.). Having the chance to have these two mental coaches and not using them or hesitating is simply a shame, because to try them is to adopt them.

In a future article, we will zoom in on these 2 ASes of the brain!

Max Moreau

Max Moreau is one of the best French in padel. The Sherlock of padel opens the doors to the French and professional circuit. This expert in padel will not hesitate to intervene on the tactics and the technique of our sport.