After the success of his tournament at Padel Horizon, Padel Passion Tour does it again by offering a stopover this time at Soccer Park in Orléans.

This time, the tournament was held over two days including an intermediate test.

Le Panse / Silva wins a new stage of Padel Passion

Sylvain Gimenez, the organizer of the tournament, started on the same bases as his previous stage in Padel Horizon. 4 hens. The first two from each group qualified for the quarter-finals.

In half, there were two very close matches:

The classico: Panse / Silva vs Veber / Ortiz, the revenge of the final of last week.

This time, it is the veterans of the tournament who start very well by winning the first set 6 / 4. The game is set, and they manage to win the decisive points.

Problem: The Panse who had a little stalled in this first set passes first. Assessment: rain smashes fall on the pair Veber / Ortiz. Despite some heroic defense, Silva / Le Panse wins the second set 6 / 2.

In the decisive tie-break, it is played for nothing. Silva is a real pillar in limiting fouls and allows Le Panse to raise his level of play. Opposite, Veber holds in the diagonal while also succeeding to send some big smashes while Ortiz gives nothing by putting the pressure regularly on Silva. It needed a winner. 10 / 7 for The Panse / Silva.

The other semifinal is also played at nothing. The match between the club pair Poitiers Poey / Leruste against Garnier / Debourg will last on all fronts. To note first, the enormous progress of Poey / Leruste. Pair who surprised a lot of people at the tournament and did not go far to win against a very complete pair. Garnier / Debourg wins 7 / 6 7 / 5. However this match could have turned since at 2 times, Poey / Leruste served 2 times to win their set.

An unprecedented finale

The Panse / Silva Vs Garnier / Debourg. An unpublished finale.

A complicated start to the game for Garnier / Debourg who had to chained half and final. Panse / Silva make an almost perfect start to the match. No fault on the horizon, she won her first set 6 / 3.

The second set is tighter. But in the tie-break, Le Panse / Silva are too strong and win their second tournament in 2 weeks.

Decidedly, we do not stop them anymore.

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