The Guinness World Record for the longest match padel was defeated in London. It now belongs to four people: Diego Martin Acuña (Argentina), Tony Matharu (Great Britain), Mary Doogan (Ireland) and Niklas Johansson (Sweden), who played almost 35 hours continuously, playing almost 130 sets! It was not a meeting during a competition but rather a friendly match, responding to the Lord Mayor's Appeal, aimed at raising funds for charitable organizations.

The track where the event took place was installed by Global Hospitality Services (GHS), who wanted to liven up a relatively unknown space near Tower Hil. A success according to Gergana Halavetcha, who speaks on behalf of GHS: "The padel is the fastest growing sport in the world, and by supporting this world record, we at Global Hospitality Services have continued to support and encourage innovation and creativity. Our international hotels count on us to support initiatives aimed at increasing attendance and visitor numbers, and enlivening appropriate spaces. THE padel is a spectacular addition to London's offering, and we are proud that together with one of our valued hotel partners, Blue Orchid Hospitality, we have introduced the padel and its benefits for well-being and health in the capital.”

The short of padel was clearly a success, becoming the one with the highest occupancy rate in the United Kingdom according to the organizers, who added that it was “fully booked throughout the summer, including weekends and public holidays, and achieved its goals in attracting new visitors.”

It should also be noted that GHS has joined forces with the Central London Alliance, as well as its partners – Blue Orchid Hospitality, Aldgate Connect BID and EC BID – to offer free inductions to local schools, families, local residents.

With initiatives of this type, the padel could clearly know a boom in the United Kingdom shortly !

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